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The XFE Soft Starter is the choice where cost is an issue or if you need lighter start duty capability and overload protection than the QFE.

With exactly the same pedigree and underlying engineering as the QFE, the XFE has a range of ratings and options available such as use with an external bypass contactor and non-energy optimising or optimising depending on your application.

The easy-to-use keypad and high visibility LCD multi-character display are just two of the features which make this Soft Starter the ideal choice for most applications and places this unit way ahead of the competition.


4 - 1800 Amp (2.2 - 1050kW @400V)

Operational Voltage
230 - 460 VAC rms (-15% +10%)
400 - 575 VAC rms (-15% +10%)
500 - 690 VAC rms (-15% +10%)

Rated Frequency
50 - 60Hz +/- 2Hz

Start Time
1 to 255 Seconds

Stop Time
0 to 255 Seconds

Ingress Protection
IP20 or IP00

Index Ratings
Class 10B:
AC53a: 3.5-12:75-5
AC53a: 3.5-12:60-3
AC53b: 3.5-12:708
AC53b: 3.5-12:1188
Class 10:
AC53a: 3-23:75-5
AC53a: 3-23:60-3
AC53b: 3-23:708
AC53b: 3-23:1188
Class 20:
AC53a: 4-19:75-5
AC53a: 4-19:60-3
AC53b: 4-19:708
AC53b: 4-19:1188
Class 30:
AC53a: 4-29:75-5
AC53a: 4-29:60-3
AC53b: 4-29:708
AC53b: 4-29:1188