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The QFE Soft Starter is Fairford's ultimate range of energy optimising Soft Starters which will meet any possible requirement; its rugged engineering and outstanding overload protection is particularly suitable where you need to start a motor under heavy load.

The easy-to-use keypad and high visibility LCD multi-character display are just two of the features which make this soft Starter the ideal choice for any application and places this unit way ahead of the competition. 


9 - 1800A (4 - 1050kW @400V)

Operational Voltage
230 - 460 VAC rms (-15% +10%)
400 - 575 VAC rms (-15% +10%)
500 - 690 VAC rms (-15% +10%)

Rated Frequency
50 - 60 Hz +/-2 Hz

Start Time
1 to 255 Seconds

Stop Time
0 to 255 Seconds

Ambient Temperature
0°C to 40°C.
Above 40°C de-rate linearly by 2% FLC per °C to a maximum of 60°C

Above 1000m de-rate by 1% FLC per 100m to a maximum of 2000m

Index Rating
QFE 9 to QFE 105:    
AC53a: 5-4:99-10
AC53a: 3-35:99-10

QFE 146 to QFE 202:
AC53a: 4-6:99-10
AC53a: 3-35:99-10

QFE 242 to QFE 900:
AC53a: 4-6:60-3
AC53a: 3-35:60-3  

Ingress Protection
IP20 or IP00

Design Standards
IEC 60947-4-2;EN 60947-4-2 ‘AC Semiconductor Motor Controllers and Starters’.

QFE and QFE-G bearing the UL Listing mark are UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards