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The DFE is Fairford's internally bypassed, non-optimising Soft Starter which is perfect for panel builders and end users alike. To the user it offers competitive pricing, soft stopping and the removal of high transient currents.

To the panel builder it can easily substitute a Star/Delta starter because it fits into a similar footprint thus simplifying installation. 


22 - 500 Amp (11 - 280kW @400V)

Operational Voltage
230 - 460 VAC rms (-15% +10%)

Control Supply
DFE 02 - DFE 16 requires Approx 4VA
DFE 22 - DFE 32 requires Approx 12VA
DFE 34 - DFE 38 requires 3 Amps for 1 Second

Rated Frequency
50 - 60 Hz +/- 2Hz

Start Time
0.5 to 30

Stop Time
0 to 30 Seconds

IEC 60947-4-2
UL Listed to DFE32

Index Rating
DFE 02 - DFE 26
Standard AC53b: 3-5:355
Class 10B AC53b: 3.5-12:708
DFE 30 - DFE 38
Standard AC53b: 3-5:355
Class 10B AC53b: 3.5-12:1188

Ingress Protection
IP20 (Up to 55kW)
IP00 (75kW to 280kW)

Ambient Temperature
0°C to 40°C.
Above 40°C de-rate linearly by 2% FLC per °C to a maximum of 60°C.

Above 1000m de-rate by 1% FLC per 100m to a maximum of 2000m