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SPV Inverters - High yield utility scale photovoltaic inverters

Emerson SPV systems offer a range of transformerless central inverters for PV installations from 145kVA to 1590kVA. Each inverter is constructed using multiple standard 145kVA or 175kVA modules. Based on a stable design, our inverter modules are mass produced for both industrial and PV applications. Proven to be reliable and robust, Emerson inverter modules improve availability while simplifying global supply chains and minimising spares holding. 


·         High conversion efficiency, 98.1% peak, >98% Euro η measured in accordance with IEC 6163 at 340 Vac, 511 Vdc (excluding auxiliaries)

·         Optimised for reliability and long active life

·         Standard industrial mass produced inverter modules

·         Power ratings of 145 kVA, 175kVA and increments thereafter of 175kVA up to 1590kVA @ 340 Vac (260 Vac, 300 Vac and 400 Vac are also available)

·         Compact footprint

·         Low switch-on point of 900W (0.057% on 1590kVA inverter)

·         High accuracy Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) over a wide voltage range

·         Engineered for compliance with international grid connection codes

·         Automatic reactive current and power factor control

·         Anti-islanding / loss of mains protection

·         Sinusoidal inverter technology - 2.28 % typical total harmonic current distortion (ITHD) - no transformer de-rating required

·         Tolerant to inverter module faults with fast automatic recovery

·         Communications via Ethernet with Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU as standard with local or remote configuration and monitoring

·         Utility company communications interface

·         Standard distribution style transformer. No additional losses, dual secondaries or high dV/dt withstand requirements

·         Large inverters significantly reduce balance of system costs

·         Isolation monitoring of PV array

·         DC overvoltage protection

A key differentiator of Emerson's SPV system is our ability to enhance yield at low irradiance levels as the multi-master architecture dynamically re-sizes to match generated power. The following graph demonstrates how this increases efficiency, which remains above 96% at only 3% of full load. This compares to conventional bulk inverters where the efficiency begins to reduce severely when operating below 30% of full load. Yield at low load is particularly important in temperate climates such as northern Europe.