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It is common for wastewater / sewage pumps to pick up and collect fibrous materials that lead to frequent pump blockages, known in the industry as 'Ragging'. In the worst case, this can happen several times each day. Clearing a pump is a costly, dirty and unpleasant task requiring a maintenance team and frequently a crane.

Control Techniques’ Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) system offers an effective solution to ragging through detecting the early signs of blockages and taking action to automatically clear the problem. Pumps are maintained in a cleaner state which delivers further improvements in other key pump performance measures including pump reliability, up-time and energy efficiency.

Our case studies demonstrate the opportunity available to water companies to realize significant cost savings associated with operating their assets while improving customer service, pump throughput and availability.



IPC Lite


Single pump

Configurable cleansing routine

Integration with telemetry through I/O

Torque monitoring

 Manual pump control

 Dry running detection


 Multi-pump - Duty Assist control


 Flow monitoring to enhance pump ragging detection


 Configurable pump control logic


 HMI for configuration


 Ethernet TCP/IP based telemetry


Enhanced pump diagnostics
(e.g. pump and bearing wear monitoring)


* Available as standard on Unidrive SP drive
** Available as option on Unidrive SP drive