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The Duty-Assist control is an effective method of controlling multiple pumps or fans in parallel, to maintain the required process demand.


The Duty Assist Solutions software has the following functions:

·         Fixed Duty Motor: up to 4 Assist starters can be controlled

·         Flexible Duty Selection: up to 3 Assist starters can be controlled

·         Assist or Duty selection by Runtime, (to ensure each pump/fan is equal used) or a set sequence

·         Automatic reselection if request assist fails to start

·         Local/Remote Control: Digital Control from drive terminal I/O or via Fieldbus

·         Standalone or system configurable

·         Set-points and feedbacks can be derived as direct analogue signals or by Fieldbus

·         Process High and Low trip thresholds

·         Inverse Speed characteristic

·         No Flow Protection

·         Wake/Sleep, Energy Save function

·         Dynamic V/F, Energy save function

·         Cascade System Stop

·         Auto-changeover to ensure starters are not continually running for long periods of time

·         Assists number of starts per hour protection

·         Assist Override delay to react to peak demands

·         Real engineering units

·         Optional Fieldbus Interfaces: CTNet, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, INTERBUS, Modbus RTU, Ethernet, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP and RS485