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Unidrive ES - Elevator Solution for Gear & Gearless Machine

5.5 kW – 45 kW

400 Volts


Unidrive ES is the idea drive solution for elevator controllers suitable for diverse range of gear and gearless machines. Unidrive ES designed for the elevator industry is embedded with features tailored for easy integration to elevator controller to provide the best riding comfort with high safety integrity. Unidrive ES can control asynchronous motors and high performance permanent magnet synchronous motors, configured using the keypad to operate in the following modes:

·      Sensoless Vector.

·      Closed Loop Flux Vector.

·      Permanent Magnet Synchronous - AC servo for rotary and linear motors

Two Control Techniques click-in option module slots allow the drive to be uniquely customised to your application allowing you to select the level of intelligence, connectivity and I/O you need.


·      All data entries are in engineering units (ie mm/s, mm/s2 ).

·      Direct to Floor traveling with Elevator Controller, eliminates creeping speed/distance control. Suitable for high speed elevator application.

·      Peak curve operation with Elevator Controller allow the use of single multi-speed for different floor level distance.

·      Multi speed control with 10 speed binary or 6 speed priority selection.

·      Analog Control,available with Bipolar or unipolar analog signal from elevator controller.

·      Optimized Speed Loop with variable PI gains for starting/stopping and running.

·      Acceleration/Deceleration rate in mm/s.

·      Multiple jerk settings in mm/s2.

·      Speed error monitoring in mm/s.

·      Position error monitoring in mm.

·      Two speed thresholds monitoring in mm/s.

·      Inertia Compensation during starting and stopping to improve riding comfort.

·      Torque feed-forward from Elevator Controller allows the Drive to optimize its control for different passenger load.

·      Brake control interface with elevator running logic, to enhance system control and safety.

·      48~72VDC supply for terminal for elevator rescure application, allowing full torque operation at low speed.

·      24VDC back up power supply to maintain power for control,fieldbus, and position information when incoming supply is removed.

·      Parameter setting : All the elavtor setting and control can be done in Menu 0.