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EV2100 - Dedicated AC Drive for Pump Application

7.5kW - 280kW



EV2100 is a series of high performance AC drives for fan & pump application. It is designed with high torque, high accuracy, and wide speed-adjusting capabilities. Meanwhile, it provides unrivalled trip-less performance, highly adaptable to poor power quality condition, wide temperature operation range and humidity.


Voltage Range
• Rated voltage: Three-phase, 380V ~  440V;

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

• Operating voltage range                    
Voltage: 320V~  460V; voltage unbalance: <3%;
Frequency: ± 5%

• Rated voltage: 380V ; Frequency: 0Hz ~ 600Hz
• Overload capacity: 1 minute for 110% rated current; 1 second for 150% rated current

Control Function
• Flux vector PWM modulation

Speed range
• 1:100

Starting Torque
• 150% full load torque at 0.50Hz

Steady state speed accuracy
• ≤ ± 0.5% rated synchronous speed

Frequency Accuracy
• Digital setting: the highest frequency × ± 0.01%; Analog setting: maximum frequency × ± 0.2%

Frequency resolution

• Digital setting: 0.01Hz; analog settings: maximum frequency × 0.1%

Torque boost
• Automatic torque boost, manual torque boost from 0.1% to 30.0%

V / F curve
• Four modes: 1 customized V / F curve plus 3 torque reduction function curves (2.0 times power, 1.7 times power, 1.2 times power)

Acceleration and deceleration curves
• Three modes: linear Acceleration/Deceleration, S-curve Acceleration/Deceleration, auto Acceleration/
Deceleration; four Acceleration/Deceleration time settings (maximum: 60 hours), selectable unit (second/minute)

 Multiple preset speed operation
• Achieved through built-in PLC or control terminals

Built-in PI
• Easy to build closed loop control system

Automatic energy-saving operation
• V/F curve is automatically optimized according to load conditions to achieve energy-saving operation

Mains Dip Ride Through
• Despite the mains voltage change, the output voltage is maintained constant automatically

Automatic Current Limiting
• Apply auto current limiting during operation to avoid frequent tripping due to over-current.

Automatically Adjustable Switching Frequency
• Automatically adjust the switching frequency according to the load demand

Operating function

Control command channel
• Control command can be issued through operation panel, control terminals, and the serial ports; different channels are switchable

Frequency setting channel
• Digital setting, analog voltage/current setting, pulse setting and serial ports setting; different settings
methods are switchable.

Auxiliary frequency setting
• Flexible auxiliary frequency tuning and synthesis

Pulse output terminals
• 0 ~ 50kHz pulse square wave signal output, able to output set frequency, output frequency and other
programmable parameters.

Analog output terminals
• 2 analog outputs, 0 / 4 ~ 20mA or 0 / 2~ 10V are selectable, able to output set frequency, output frequency and other programmable parameters.