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Control Techniques provide a support in industry experience with modular drives design, powerful technology and advance toolkits when this is combined with our highly experienced engineers it enables us to offer our customers high performance industrial automation sollutions.


Paper / Film/Textile Processing


Our accurate tension control and tight speed tracking eliminate web distortions to set the stage for the perfect roll. Our closed loop  system mitigate web breaks and enable you to get the most out of your line. Our advanced servo control minimizes torque ripple and insurer uniform coating performanance. Servo system are also ideal for register control, sheeting and cut to length applications.


No matter what the requirement- load cell trim, dancer posistion trim, torque regulated speed follower, and/or draw control- we have the answer.


·         Paper speed machine from medium speed to high speed. More than 50 systems were build last few years.

·         Coating line.

·         Extrusion line. More than 100 extruder machines have been set up within 2 years.

·         Textile & dying.

·         Printing line.




An engineered system drives your metal process with complete control. Non-Ferrous or ferrous, sheet or rod our proven performance and reliability continues to make a difference in the metal industry.


Uncoiler and recolier are constant horsepower loads demanding fool-proof control. Regenerative drives are offen supplied to maintain torque (tension) control during fast line deceleration.


Bridles can be speed, tension ,torque and position regulated, often utilizing load share regulators for multi –driven bridle sections.


Whether a greenfield installation or a retrofit, our experienced engineers and advance products can meet all your application needs.



·         Anneling           

·         Bar mill

·         Coating line. Three compelte systems were build over last two years.

·         Galvanizing line. Two complete system were build in the last 3 years.

·         Rod mills. Many drives were installed.

·         Cold rolling mills. More than 10 systems were build in the last two years with DC drives sollution.


Wire & Cable


Drawing, for example, requires high starting torque, and smooth torque control along with perfectly synchronized speed to prevent wire breaks.


Tight speed regulation and close tracking between the capstant and extruders assures proper insulation wall thickness. This relationship can be linear or non-linear depending on the line speed range.


Four quadrant regenerative drives with dynamic braking and/or Common DC bus designs maintain positive tension control in all sections. We even have an algorithm to control annealing current using our standard DC drives, and special algorithms to provide precise control of “lay” in communication cables.

Crane & hoist


We have the capacity to deliver drive sollutions for both new crane projects as well as retrofit installation. With high performance AC drives and DC drive  deliver superior performance with an extensive power range ( AC drives up to 1900 kW & DC drives up to 7400A) designed to match your crane and hoist application.


·         Smooth constant power hoisting and repid travelling –regardless of load.

·         Harmonic reduction through sine-wave AC line regeneration for energy saving and AC supply compatibility.

·         Internal load measurement to determine optium hoisting and traveling speeds to maximise throughput.

·         The advance control logic for engaging the mechanical brake ensures smooth hoisting by keeping both load jerk and droop to a minimum-reducing the risk of damage to the load and cutting down the mainternance cost on mechanical crane component.



Dedicated crane control

·         Anti- Sway control.

·         Grap-Hoist co-ordinate control.

·         Constant power hoisting to optimise throght-put.

·         Slew control giving control operator great feel.

·         Energy saving functionality for crane using diesel generator supplies.

·         Energy saving functionality for crane using power regentneration back to main supplies

·         Operator control consoles and screen deisigned for clear information and operator comfort.


Container Crane

·         Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG).

·         Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG).

·         Ship to Shore.


BULK handling

·         Ship & Grab Unloaders.

·         Slewing Grab.


·         Single / Double Boom.

·         Goliath Overhead.



In this industry ,we can provide total sollution from the feeder machine to centrifugal machine control.


With high performance DC  and AC drives or General purpose drive we can give superior performance at output shaft of DC or AC motors for millling machine with precise control. Through load sharing it is also possible to improve the precision of rolls  mills and avoid stress on meachanical system.


From the drives system for the feeder, crusher through to the conveyor and milling machine it is possible  to provide  continously control  avoiding shock loads and maintaining output of sugar system automaticaly.


With regeneration or DC bus configuration to recycle energy between simultaneously monitoring and regenerating drives, the centrifuger machines also has a benefit to reduce energy cost and simple to control. 


Ruber , Type & Plastic


AC & DC drives of Control Techniques deliver accurate, reliable control for batch and line process. Precision speed regulators and exact ration control maintain draw between sections. Our fully digital systems eliminate the motor drif common in analog sollution and withstand the high starting power and shock load used in the rubber and type process


We offer you a system design in plastic extrusion and downstream process handling. Extrusion plastic requires drive systems with precise speed control capability and adding co-processor application to our application specific provides the level of process control expected from extrusion market.


·         Extrusion

·         Mixing.

·         Profilling.

·         Thermoforming

·         Blending.

·         Conveying

·         Calendering…



Control Techniques products have dedicated critical functions for Lift applications built in such as : Multi speed control with independent accelerating and decelerating. Multi speed profiling , Direct to floor control, Creep speed profiling, Secure disable function, comfort control to suit gear & gearless elevator.


With DC bus or Regeneration configuration based on Unidrive ES/ SP family, Customer can  benefit from reduced energy costs and also reduced harmonics to other electrical equipment. With the regeneration configuration, the power factor is nearly unit and output of motors are sineware, energy cost will be reduce sharly. This configurations are suitable for high speed elevator and group control.


You can get more benefit to reduced  energy and maintenance cost,noise, the need for an Elevator room can be eliminated and you can reduce your lubricant oil requirements when you choose the gearless motor for your home or for your office.


Together with fully dedicated elevator control PCB , we can build whole cabinet for your elavator for home or for your office with increased speed up to 6m/s but still ensuring comfort for the passengers.


This sollution are suitable for new elevator or retrofit. This also applied for group control up to 4 elevators.


Renewable energy sources  


Photovoltaic Solutions


With support and experience from Control Techniques, we supply the technology & service for high effiency power conversion and control solutions for photovotanics energy schemes.


Power conversion system are designed to maximise effiency across varying radiation intensities, typical achieving 97% to 98% with maximum power Point tracking (MPPT).


The system was build in redundancy by inverter modularity. If one inverter is unavailable due to servicing or failure, the other modules continue to operate thus minimizing lost power generation. If your requirements change, your system can be designed for future expansion to increase capacity.


The grid tie inverters achieve a high quality sinusoidal output with only 1 to 2% total harmonic votage distotion THD(V). This allows compliance with local harmonics regulation for conection to the public electricity supply.


Water & Water Treatment

Water companies are under unprecedented presure from rising energy cost as well as legislative and clime change. Developing strategies to reduce operating costs whilst optimising the performance of asset is critical.


We provide new sollution to enhance conectivity, reduce energy consumption, minimise downtime and to react inteligent to real problem as they occur.


The Inteligent Pump control drives system deliver measuable improvements in pumping reliability , up time and performance.  A long standing pumping problem suffer by water companies is that of ragging, the fouling of pumps impellers in waste water systems.  Manually clearing the problem is a costly and unpleasant task requiring a maintenance team and frequently a crane. Downtime may extend to serveral days during which time the back up systems are under additional pressure. A total system failure can result in effuent leakage with implications for the enviroment, human health, clean –up cost and breaches of legislation.


The system is also able to schedule real time pipe scouring cycles, detect deteriorating flow and potentioal impeller wear.


Our system also have the remote monitoring using a click in Ethernet option module. This enable access to live pump performance operational views and data collection off site.


Installing variable speed drives to control pup flows to match operation demand, can significantly contribute to a reduction in energy consumption and improve process control. In some applications, inteligent system are able to further reduce energy cost by operating during off peak tariffs.



HVAC/R for building automation


A comprehensive product line incorporates special drive functionality and accessories to simply and effiency solve your HVAC/R applications.


We offer you a complete HVAC/R sollution with include all feature and plus more :

Fire mode for building occupant safety.

Two independent PID controller, for exmaple control dampers or valve actuator.

Sleep/ wake up mode

Motor pre heat to prevent condesation.

Low load detection to sense meachnical problem such as broken belt.

Intergrated network connectivity : BACnet, metasys N2, Modbus RTU or can connect with other bus by click in option module : Lonworks, Ethernet and addtion I/O.


Togerther we can intergrated to your building managemnt system or can use as system redundancy or small system do not have building management system.