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Introduction > Driven by Customer demand


1. Consultation and support


From our customer requirements, we take care from beginning to the final stage to make sure everything is right for our customer from selecting drives alone or drive systems through to installation and commissioning and after sales support.


Selecting the right drive first time


Our focus on drives and drive systems gives us an indepth understanding into the needs of drive users in a wide range of applications, from simple fans or pumps to complex manufacturing applications. We are able to offer you from drive modules through to complete drive systems incorporating a wide range of drives and other automation components.


Engineering first


Our sales team is selected primarily on the basis of their engineeing exeprience and expertise. They will  help you to specify the right drive technology and power rating, giving you confidence that the sollution will meet your needs.


Drives system

We provide the level of service you need to supplement your in-house engineering resourse, from consultation and design support through to completion turn key project


If you choose to design your own drive systems, we have an enormous amount of practical experience in solving a wide range of application in many different industries. We are able to provide high quality consultation services to help you in designing your drive system, from hardware selection and installation through to software support.


Turnkey projects  


People  - We are able to offer a compete drive system design, build and commissiong service. An engineer will be assigned to the project who has the appropriate industrial experience. You can feel confident in our sollution, with regular reviews during the design process and stringent testing prior to delivery.


The Products - Machninery or automation process is designed with the lastest technology in drives and motion control.


Technology - Indepth understanding all aspect of technical specification & products features, allows us to design system that optimise products capacibility. From configurating drives system as Actived front end , DC bus sharing, minimising harmonics and ensuring international & national country regulations and retriction are fully met to reducing energy cost and operation cost, throught to select other automation component  for muti drives systems or standard control alone, using advanced design methodology to  ensure our customer is always ahead in comptitive world enviroments. 

We put it all togerther for you. From small systems with a few drives to very large system with over a hundred driven sections, our team can get you moving faster. And we’re flexible. We will give you the products you are comfortable with – from PLC’s to operator controls, we work with most major component suppliers.

What seperates NDT  Engineered system from other integrators?

·         Proven, Scalable, configurable technology built to the highest standard, and engineered to meet the need of today’s manufacturers.

·         Knowledgeable and experienced engineers who understand your process and can implement drives, control and supervisory system that are productive, reliable and easy to use.

·         A project management system that insures the job gets done righ, affordably, and on time.

·         Comprehensive warranties.


Installation, commissioning and after sales support

Our engineers will install and commission your system. This isn’t the end of the story but the beginning of our relationship, when you need support we will be there.


2. Using Energy Effience

Products of Control Techniques (that we offer) are designed and produced using technologies that reduce enegy consumption and protect enviroment.


Thorought understanding machinery and automation processes,allow us to design systems optimised   energy efficiency to best suit for our customers. From  fan & pumps control to moving a conveyor, hoisting,controling a printing press or paper section machine or whatever applications using drives alone or  many drives in system, we carry out methodical research and development allowing us  to design systems or choose suitable drives that meet our customer’s requirements and provide fast return on investment by saving energy in the long term.

Out of all application for variable speed control,centrifugral fan & pumps offer the greatest potential  for energy saving. In addition to saving the money,drives also improve the process control,whilst reducing waste, mainternance cost and carbon emissions.


Control Techniques drives maybe configured to both power a motor and during braking, recirculated stored enegry back to into the main supply,reducing energy consumption and significantly reducing your energy bills.


3. Maximimise customer investment


By sharing our knowledge in all aspect of performance and functionly of drives and the system , we can advise customers to choose the products and configure their systems to allow for future expansion and re-use for our customer to be in line with any plans they may have.


The functionality and flexibility of the drives allows versatility for the customer from adding extra option modules such as field bus, Ethernet connection, inteligence application module for synchonize speed and position and tension control…, I/O extension module .., the products we offer, can be easily customised now and expanding in the future, to cost down the investment for our customer in the first time.