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Wire and Cable

Rugged reliability, application flexibility, conformance to industry standards, and safety features have made our digital AC and DC drives the benchmark for drives in the metals industry.

Many applications require localized control in addition to the overall PLC controller and customers frequently use the drives option module slots available in our Undrive SP drives to provide the extra functionality required. The SM-Applications module, a favorite because it provides extra programming and fast dynamic response, for digitally locking drives or monitoring position in real time. Customers often find that it was simpler to use the localized intelligence in our Unidrvie SP drive, rather than feeding all the parameters back to the PLC.

Typical metal applications:

·         Annealers

·         Galvanizing Lines

·         Tinning Machines

·         Pushers

·         Pilers

·         Tilt Vessels

·         Bar and Rod Mills

·         Downcoilers

·         Unit Rolls

Control Techniques products for the Wire and Cable industry

Fully developed, proven and documented flying shear solution offering flexibility, performance and precision

Digitax ST is a high dynamic servo drive range, matched to Unimotor hd motors for pulse duty applications

Mentor MP is a modern DC drive that is based on Control Techniques current AC drive technology

High performance universal AC and servo drive modules, offering advanced motor control and flexible system integration features

A high dynamic brushless AC servo motor range 6.3 to 166.4 lb-in (499lb-in peak); 0.72 to 18.8Nm (56.4Nm peak)