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Intelligent and optimized drive solutions for the water Industry

Water companies are under unprecedented pressure from rising energy costs as well as legislative and climate change. Developing strategies to reduce operating costs whilst optimizing the performance of assets is critical. Control Techniques provide new solutions to enhance connectivity, reduce energy consumption, minimize downtime and to react intelligently to real problems as they occur.

Control Techniques present an innovative approach to managing your clean and waste water assets. We combine high reliability and compact size, together with industry specific features such as real-time Intelligent Pump Control (IPC - anti-ragging program), I/O for instrumentation and TCP/IP based telemetry solutions; all onboard the drive.

Solutions to real problems

Ragging is a long standing pumping problem suffered by water companies, where pumps can be partially or fully blocked in waste water systems. Manual clearing is a costly and unpleasant task requiring a maintenance team and frequently a crane. Downtime may extend to several days during which time the back-up systems are under additional pressure. A total system failure can result in effluent leakage with implications for the environment, human health, clean-up costs and breaches of legislation.

Control Techniques’ Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) system delivers measurable improvements in pumping reliability, up-time and performance. In real installations it significantly reduces the costs associated with operating these assets while improving throughput and availability.

For further information on Control Techniques’ Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) system please click here

Control Techniques products for the Water and Wastewater industry

Compact, easy-to-use AC drives for a wide range of open loop induction motor control applications