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Finite reserves, volatile pricing and the threat from global warming are driving governments, utilities, corporations and individuals away from fossil based power sources towards a broad mix of sustainable renewable energy forms. Governments around the World have responded with Feed In Tariffs (FITs) that provide long term subsidies for energy produced by renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic (PV) power plants, making them attractive for investors.

Control Techniques focus is on high output, large scale photovoltaic power plants where our grid-tie inverter systems are used to manage and efficiently convert the energy generated by solar panels so that it can be transported through the existing medium voltage electrical grid infrastructure.

Our solutions are based on high power, robust industrial inverter technology, configured in a way that delivers maximum efficiency and high reliability over the extended life time of a power plant. Over the last few years we have invested heavily in our operations to provide local manufacturing within each continent and enable us to meet the industries growing demand. We will soon reach a capacity of 1GW per year.

Our global engineering network, is able to develop complete customized solutions, including the medium voltage transformer, switchgear and string connection systems and also  provide localized support over the lifetime of the power plant.

Control Techniques products for the Solar and Photovoltaics industry

Utility scale photovoltaic grid-tie inverter system, generating maximum yield through high efficiency, reliability and modular fault tolerant design

Complete ready to run shelter, sized and designed for the power plant and including MV transformer and switchgear