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Renewable Energy Research and Development - Flexible, high efficiency on-grid power conversion systems

Control Techniques inverters are used to convert the raw electrical energy from renewable energy sources to a form that can be transported through the power grid infrastructure. Our grid-tie inverter technology has been applied in a wide range of development projects for hydro, wind, wave, tidal and photovoltaic power schemes. 

Flexibility at the heart of the system

Each inverter has an integrated programmable controller which has access to all critical internal inverter values, this provides flexibility to develop and test new control approaches such as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms.

Grid-Tie Ready

Placing the power you generate on the grid and getting paid for it is a milestone for most development projects. Control Techniques experience in connecting renewable energy schemes to grid systems around the world ensures that this can happen without a hitch.

Industrial commercial technology applied to your project

Using established technology allows you to move swiftly from research and development phases to mass commercialization with minimal re-development. Our inverter schemes can range from a tens of kWs to tens of MWs, they are based on a high efficiency, modular concept allowing them to scale-up as your development work progresses. The inverters are a volume manufactured commercial product, widely used in the photovoltaic industry. 

 From development to commercialization

Our hands-on engineering approach combined with flexible inverter technology makes us an ideal partner. We are happy to get involved early in the project lifecycle and provide advice and support to help you speed up your development process and reach commercialization sooner. 

Control Techniques products for the Renewable Energy Research and Development industry

Unidrive SP power modules provide flexible solutions for high power motor control configurations and power conversion schemes