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Industries > Port and Freight Terminal Machinery



Port and freight terminal machinery - Productive, efficient and reliable

Control Techniques drives and control systems are installed in port applications around the world. Our compact and flexible solutions provide the power and control to move materials efficiently and safely, our experience and expertise gained over many years allows us to maximize the automation, speed and reliability of your cranes. Typical applications include:

Container cranes

·         Ship-to-shore (STS)

·         Mobile harbour cranes (MHC)

·         Rubber tyre gantry (RTG)

·         Rail mounted gantry (RMG)

·         Straddle carriers (SC)

Bulk handling

·         Ship unloaders

·         Grab unloaders

·         Slewing grab

·         Floating crane


·         Single boom

·         Double boom

·         Goliath overhead

Modular Drive Systems

At the heart of Control Techniques crane systems are Unidrive SP Modular AC drives. These compact flexible power devices are capable of driving loads of up to 1.9MW and yet each module is compact and light enough enough to be easily handled on site, simplifiying installation and maintenance.  They can be configured to provide redundancy and fault tollerance so that cranes can continue to operate, even if a module ever failed.

Control Techniques’ Crane Management System (CMS)

Control Techniques’ CMS monitors physical and operating conditions of the crane on a real time basis. It can be used to operate the crane, schedule maintenance, analyse crane faults and provide crane production data.

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)

Control Techniques’ DGPS is a GPS based automatic steering and yard management system for port applications, which can be used on both RTG and RMG cranes. The system offers satellite guided relative positioning (differential) mode, giving excellent accuracy with minimal positioning error.

Control Techniques products for the Port and Freight Terminal Machinery industry

Unidrive SP power modules provide flexible solutions for high power motor control configurations and power conversion schemes

Diesel generator control system for RTG and other mobile cranes. Typically reduces standby fuel consumption by 50% and overall consumption by 20%.

Mentor MP is a modern DC drive that is based on Control Techniques current AC drive technology