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OEM Machine manufacturers - Unique machines, performance optimized

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) provide standard solutions to a particular manufacturing requirement, such as a packaging machine, material handling system or an air handling unit. Drives are installed and supplied as part of the overall equipment. OEMs aim to create customer value with differentiated products while reducing costs through optimized design and leveraging economies of scale.

Create your advantage

Product differentiation is achieved by creating unique value that a customer derives real benefits from. Control Techniques can help you to create your differential advantage:

·         Businesses today pay more attention to energy efficiency than ever before. Creating machines that demonstrate lower energy consumption and therefore a lower cost of ownership can add considerable value. We can help you to reduce your machines energy footprint.

·         Control Techniques has a reputation for designing and manufacturing high performance, innovative drive products. Our drives range offers total flexibility with high performance motor control, integrated automation controllers, fieldbus and Ethernet communications

·         Our global network of Control Techniques Drive Centers provide local expertise to OEMs around the world. Our drive system engineers have experience automating a wide range of equipment

·         We welcome early involvement in your design process, allowing you to get advice from our drive experts. We understand the full capabilities of modern drive systems and how to ensure you achieve the optimum performance balance for your equipment

·         Control Techniques allow you to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) by preventing others from accessing your automation software

Streamline your operations

Control Techniques' products help OEMs to realize cost advantages through standardized flexible drives:

·         Drives can be customized at any point using software selectable operating modes and click-in option modules; this reduces stockholding and simplifies supply chains

·         Most Control Techniques products use pluggable terminals; this allow wiring looms to be created reducing cost and installation time

·         Drive configuration is achieved easily using autotune features and digital storage media such as the SMARTCARD to store and transfer parameter sets from one drive to another

·         Ethernet connectivity allow the drives to be accessed around the world using internet technologies therefore reducing the cost of supporting your equipment

·         Control Techniques products are highly reliable allowing you to retain a greater percentage of revenue from service contracts, reducing support costs and improving your reputation

Reduce your development time

Getting innovative products to market quickly is critical in retaining or creating your differential advantage. We help you to achieve this:

·         Most of our products are supplied with CAD drawings in 2D and 3D formats, enabling you to easily integrate our drives within your equipment

·         Onboard automation controllers such as our SM-Applications Plus module uses programming languages that are based on industry standards for function block, sequential function chart, structured text and ladder logic. This reduces your learning curve when using Control Techniques drives for the first time

·         Intuitive software tools such as CTScope provide real-time access to the drives functionality allowing you to monitor and quickly solve machine development problems. Most Control Techniques software tools are supplied free of charge

·         We offer a wide range of training courses that cover all of our drive technologies

Control Techniques products for the OEM Machine Manufacturing industry

Digitax ST is a high dynamic servo drive range, matched to Unimotor hd motors for pulse duty applications

Unidrive SP power modules provide flexible solutions for high power motor control configurations and power conversion schemes