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Lifts and Elevators

Smooth, reliable and quiet operation combined with compact dimensions and product flexibility means that Control Techniques has become the drive of choice for modern lift systems. We integrate with almost any lift controller and can drive virtually any AC, DC or gearless motor. Optional software provides precision direct-to-floor operation for increased speed and comfort.

One AC Drive to Fit Your Motor Selection

Control Techniques have years of experience designing drives for elevators, and the result is the Unidrive SP AC Drive specially designed and rated to give optimum elevator performance. Unidrive SP is a thoroughbred drive for elevator applications. The smooth Vector control gives a high quality, low noise, jerk free ride.


 Unidrive SP has a flexible integration policy that ensures it is open to all elevator controllers.

·         The drive accepts 12 different feedback devices including Incremental, SinCos, Endat, Hiperface encoders and Resolver

·         Temperature controlled ventilation fan speed for silent operation

·         High switching frequency (up to 16kHz) for quiet motor operation

Unidrive SP - taking you to another level

·         Program in familiar elevator units - quick start up with no complex calculations

·         Easy start with standstill autotune - faster commissioning as no shaft rotation required

·         High switching frequency - quiet motor for reduced building noise

·         Battery back-up operation as standard - makes emergency evacuation easy

·         Ideal for geared and gearless applications - less stock, faster learning, easier maintenance

·         Direct control of motor brake and contactor - reduced components, less wiring

·         Creep-to-floor or direct-to-floor positioning as standard - flexible, depending on your requirements

·         Active Thermal Management - tripless operation in high overload conditions

·         Secure Disable - reduces user cost in machine safety design


CREEP to floor positioning


DIRECT to floor positioning

SHORT floor positioning


Simple to design into your emergency evacuation systems

·         DC battery supply can be connected for emergency evacuation on loss of mains power

·         Internal load measurement for automatic choice of direction

SM-Applications offers users real integration possibilities
The most powerful plug-in AC drive application module available to system designers. This module has built-in elevator profile generators for both geared and gearless systems. Parameters are in elevator industry units - mm, m/s, m/s2.

·         S ramp (jerk) with sectionalised, adjustable profile parameters 

·         Wide speed selection (7 - 10 speeds)

·         2 velocity thresholds (e.g. 0.3m/s)

·         Creep-to-floor or direct-to-floor travel

·         Peak travel or short travel

·         Brake controller

·         Electronic load measurement

·         Calculation of deceleration profile.

Designed to EN81-1




Control Techniques products for the Lifts and Elevator industry

High performance universal AC and servo drive modules, offering advanced motor control and flexible system integration features

Mentor MP is a modern DC drive that is based on Control Techniques current AC drive technology